Monday, 1 February 2010

Job Searching? Remember the 3 simple rules for success...

Advice from, the UK’s leading provider of modular career services, is that anyone looking for a role in the current turbulent market must abide by three simple rules.

1. Determine one or two clear career objectives and follow them. Without an end goal in sight it’s easy to lose your way in the market. Advances in technology have made it all too easy to apply for jobs without any real thought process. With realistic targets in place you can really maximise the time you spend tapping away at your computer by focusing your efforts on the roles that are right for you and making quality applications that will get you the attention you deserve.

2. Ensure you have a good quality CV and covering letter - seek professional help if necessary, but, at the very least, have a few friends or family members proof read your CV and covering letters. Most employers and recruiters will make a decision about you within 10 seconds of picking up your CV, so don’t let yourself down at the first hurdle. You don’t get a second chance at a first impression!

3. When it comes to interviews prepare, prepare, prepare! In the current marketplace there are more candidates per vacancy meaning tougher competition, so you need to maximise every potential opportunity that comes along. Thoroughly research every company you meet and ensure you have prepared answers for any tough questions you may be asked.

Finally, advise that if you have been made redundant, try to look on it in a positive light. When else do you have the opportunity to re-address your career aspirations and motivations? Maybe you need a new direction, or some retraining – this can be the ideal time to put the focus back in your career!